• Real gut string
  • For soprano-gambe. Scale 360mm
  • Tension ca. 4.8kp
  • D1+A2+E3+C4 gut oiled. G5+D6+A7 gut core, silver plated wound
  • 120cm long, it is possible to make two strings out of one.
  • D = 0.55mm/0.0216"
  • A = 0.74mm/0.0291"
  • E = 0.94mm/0.0370"
Art.-No. Description RRP
645.301 D1 Gut BRH55

645.302 A2 Gut BRH74

645.303 E3 Gut BRH94

645.304 C4 Silver pl. wound BFA162

645.305 G5 Silver pl. wound BFA282

645.306 D6 Silver pl. wound BFA482

645.307 Set

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