• Boehm-system
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Grenadilla body
  • Undercut tone holes
  • 2 barrels: 64mm and 66mm
  • Nickel silver keys, silver plated
  • 17 keys, 6 rings
  • Low-E reinforcement bar
  • Adjustable thumb hook with ring for carrying strap
  • VALENTINO pads
  • Leblanc K10 mouthpiece with Leblanc ligature and cap
  • Lightweight case with carbon front, carrying strap and rucksack assembly

Leblanc, top class woodwind instruments. Soloists from all over the world trust the innovative product development and superior quality of Leblanc Clarinets.

Art.-No. Description RRP
701.735 L225S

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